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Company philosophy
"Road" out Anhua
Shun Road and seek improvement:
"Rooted in the Central Plains, the Chinese abrasive products to the world" is the Chinese security has been the goal and pursuit. Always with the perspective of development themselves, but also to have the kind of security wherever the Chinese "open-minded" temperament. Continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, ten years to continue to make the source for Anhua to grow.

Shun terrain and heavy Honesty:
"For each list is responsible for" the attitude of the Chinese is safe, every piece of high-quality wheel, is a product of our attitudes. An ethnic Chinese believe that corporate integrity "dao" is the high-quality products and services, and the production of quality products is our best every day to do something!

Shun humane and innovative yet
"Change the pass, General long time," the Chinese way of thinking is safe, in order for a long time, we must continue to innovate. Seize the innovation to seize the core competitiveness to seize the customers. An Chinese commitment to innovation, and convinced that innovation is to extend the product life of "youth elixir."