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How to control the grinding efficiency of metal bond grinding wheel

Author£ºnewanhua¡¡¡¡Release date£º2018/4/19 11:34:20

Metal bond grinding wheels are widely used in processing of optical glass, diamond tools, and industrial ceramics. At the same time, since the grinding speed of metal bonded grinding wheels is relatively low, so that the surface roughness is high, so how to control the metal bonding agent Grinding wheel grinding efficiency, can make it return to the normal point? Next metal binder grinding wheel factory to explain briefly.
First, the depth of grinding
If you say that you increase the depth of grinding, then it will also increase its grinding force and grinding heat. In fact, the grinding depth depends on the abrasive grain size or the reference key selection or grinding method.
Second, the grinding speed

The grinding speed of the artificial metal binder grinding wheel is low. If the grinding speed is increased, the surface roughness of the grinding wheel can be reduced. However, if the grinding temperature is increased, the grinding wheel will be seriously worn.
Third, the workpiece speed

The speed of the workpiece needs to be controlled. Generally, the speed is selected within 20m per minute. Of course, the speed of the workpiece can be appropriately increased, but it is not suitable to be too high, which will increase the wear of the grinding wheel and increase the surface roughness.
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